You want to plan a retreat & have it sell out…  
but you have no idea where to start?

You're over the checklists...You've read them all & are ready to deep dive into a proven step-by-step process that works.

You're ready to create meaningful in-person experiences that cultivate relationships, impact for your clients and a new revenue stream for your business.

No prob, in just 90 days (or less) you can create and host your first successful retreat.

The Retreat Design Mini-Course is loaded with tangible tips on how to create, market and sell your retreat on social without ads, while actually making a profit!

Dream It - Module 1

Create the vision and mission for your retreat while defining the outcomes for participants. Bring your retreat ideas to life and create a tactical, step-by-step plan using our worksheets to build your format and a compelling offer for your clients. 

Build It - Module 2

Choosing the right business model for your retreat and scoping a location is a huge part of planning your retreat, You will learn how to identify the right vendors and plan down to the smallest detail so that nothing is overlooked.

Sell It - Module 3

Building visibility, community, marketing and selling out your retreat is the most important part of why your doing this. Learn exactly how to sell your retreat & make a profit the first time. 

Ready to Design & Sell Out an Unforgettable Retreat?

What You'll Learn:

  • How to create a beautiful transformative retreat experience that your students love and will come back over and over again.
  • How to build a loyal retreat tribe and community that is excited about your events.
  • How to sell out your retreat through pre-sale, waitlist, affiliates and launch strategies
  • Exactly what type of content your clients need to hear to buy into your retreat. 
  • How to gather feedback post retreat to continue to make the experience better and better.
  • ...and so much more!

Meet Your Instructor

Kristine Schwartz is a business coach, speaker, & creator of the Powermind, the Co-Creation Retreats & the Co-Creation Collective Mastermind.

She helps female, impact-driven brands confidently connect their niche digital offers, messaging, & Pinterest marketing roadmaps in repeatable & profitable ways so they can sell out their offers authentically...

...all with the foundation of elevating the customer experience & understanding the psychology of the customer journey.

Retreats has become her passion and is so excited to help you create a massive impact and transformation with your clients by learning and hosting your own retreats. 

Course Curriculum

Ready to travel for work and make money doing it?

Retreat Design Mini-Course $247

This mini-course will give you everything you need to get started and confidently market your retreats to your ideal clients. It's time to bring your dream to life.
PSA: This is much more than just a checklist!

Features & Course details: Self-paced course with video content, worksheets and slides to give you the exact tools you need to sell out your next retreat!